Edwin L. Vardiman, Jr.

Southampton Square

7416 Jager Court

Cincinnati, Ohio 45230

ph(513) 232-1703

fax(513) 232-1707


Edwin L. Vardiman Jr.

Admitted in Ohio Court 1999, Kentucky and Federal Courts 2002..

My practice is devoted to advising you, and consistently presenting you with options based upon law and considerable time in the Court. 

Most importantly I protect your rights and help create answers and resolution to issues that are either difficult or perplexing.  

Whether you are:

-   Contemplating divorce

-   Non-contested dissolution of marriage

-   Beginning a business or ending a business

-   Juvenile or Guardianship matters

-   Will or Power of Attorney

-    If you are hurt in an accident

-    Involved in someone’s else’s problems

-    Facing criminal charges

You need a strong advocate on your side to look out for you.

My goal is to always make sure you have the information and advice you need to make important decisions about your case and your future.